Introducing…Blue Curry

Some of the sculptural elements of EMERGENCY5 will be provided by Blue Curry, an artist born in the Bahamas, who now works both in London and Nassau. aspex will present two of his works in Gallery 1, which according to Blue Curry, ‘float ambiguously between the ethnographic object, the cheap tourist souvenir and slick contemporary art.’

Blue Curry Untitled (used car tyres, beans)

I’m looking forward to seeing how both of these sculptures sit within the gallery space, particularly the second piece, a bundle of fishing buoys that look like a giant necklace, made from polished resin and crystal rhinestones. aspex is an apt setting for this artwork, seeing as the gallery is so close to the sea, and just around the corner from the Camber. Maybe it’ll start a trend for blinged-out buoys among the local fishermen.

Blue Curry Untitled (rope, polystyrene buoys, resin, crystal rhinestones)

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