The show is almost ready…

It’s been a brilliant week, meeting a number of the artists as they have arrived to install their work, and seeing the exhibition take shape. Its no easy task fitting the work of 11 artists into a relatively small and perfectly odd gallery space so there has been a fair amount of discussion between Clive, Markus, the artists and I about how to display everything to best effect, within limited parameters.

When we select Emergency, we are never looking to make a show, but always making decisions based on the merits of individual works submitted. Towards the end of the process, when we are firming up the selection and drawing the short list down to 8-12 artists, inevitably some artists don’t make the final grouping because their work really jars with everything else, but this is pretty rare. It never ceases to amaze me, after 5 goes at this, that a fairly convincing exhibition emerges every time. Well, it’s convincing to me (but I’m selecting), so I’d be interested to hear what our audience feels about that!

So now the really difficult task comes… working with the rest of the selection panel (Julia Alverez, Margot Heller & Ivan Morison) to decide on a winner of a prize of a solo exhibition at aspex in 2013. As the work has started to come in and I’ve had the opportunity to see it in the flesh I thought this decision might get easier, but no, it’s all great, in very different ways and the task has seemed to weigh very heavily. To give a sense of this, at one point earlier this week, there were still 9 out of 11 artists in the running! The short list is getting smaller… so come along to the preview tomorrow (6-8pm) or watch this space to find out who wins the prize!

And if you think we’ve made the wrong decision, cast your vote in the ‘People’s Choice’ to help your favourite/friend/family member win £500!

Joanne Bushnell, Director, aspex

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