ARC Emergency5 Symposium: ‘Winners and Losers’

Earlier today ARC hosted the Emergency5 Symposium – which is held on the exhibition’s preview day to allow applicants, artists and arts professionals an opportunity to meet the selectors and debate the nature of competition in the Arts, and see the show. This year, we were short on selectors, all but Jo, our director, was on hand – the panel was supplemented by including Lettie Clarke (attended the selection panel) and Rachel Thorlby  (artist), and the event led by Jonathan Parsons (ARC lead practitioner). This was the gist of the discussion:

What have you got to lose when entering an open submission and what does it mean to win? This event will provide an insight into what really happens during the selection process, with guest selectors, previous competition winners and reports from assistants behind the scenes. 

The symposium was recorded, this is an unedited version – the finished version will be available soon on the aspex website.

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