Introducing…Julian Brown

Born in Dorset, Julian Brown lives and works in London. aspex will be showing two of his paintings in EMERGENCY5, Buccaneers and Zapora, painted in acrylic on canvas and linen.

Julian Brown, Zapora

According to Brown’s artistic statement,’ the imagery in my work is heavily influenced by nostalgic visions of the 1980s and the folk art from my mother’s Polish heritage. Both of these worlds have a handmade geometric quality that has a playful and primitive relevance to the world we now live in. I try to explore this ‘clunkiness’ with tactile images that sit somewhere between order and chaos, structure and collapse, expression and control. While the underpinning of the process is held together by predetermined structures, the freewheeling application is purposely engaging and ambivalent to the expressive urge to dictate the paintings.’

Julian Brown, Buccaneers

Next year watch out for Julian’s contribution to the Big Egg Hunt, one of over 200 unique eggs created by leading artists, jewellers, architects and designers which will be hidden around London, starting in February 2012.