The People’s Choice Award

This year aspex is delighted to announce the first ever EMERGENCY People’s Choice Prize, which will be awarded to the most popular work or artist as voted by the viewing public during the exhibition period.

30 thoughts on “The People’s Choice Award

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  2. Mr Blue Curry happens to be one of my favourite artist on this planic (Earth) . His art work is very outstanding ,very wonderful. I pray to God that he will continue to do well.

    Leroy Kelly

  3. Blue Curry is one of the most inspiring modern artists around. His passion and commitment is felt throughout all of his art and is very infectious. I am conviced that he will continue to impress and to do well.

    Patricia Solis

  4. Blue Curry is an emerging artist whose work is fresh and exciting. He deserves to win not only on the basis of his talent, but also on his commitment to producing art from the soul. Good luck Blue!

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