Introducing…Hania Stella-Sawicka

The second sculptor to take her place amongst the artists selected for EMERGENCY5, Hania’s work ‘Table of practice’, alludes to a site of organised leisure and sport, but also to a place of material production. Accoding to Hania, ‘Lifestyle is discussed within my practice as a material display of identity, an ambient structure or thematic where lifestyle patterns are accumulated, and reinforced through repetition.’

Hania Stella-Sawicka, Table of Practice

I see the intentioned but variable placement of objects within the installation as parallel to the placement of objects in our own taxonomies. The definitions of the objects with which we surround ourselves fluctuate. Tool to possession. Utensil to ornament or accessory. Ambiguity of function provides potential alternative value systems.’                                                                                  

Hania's work installed in Gallery 1

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