Introducing…Kit Craig

Kit’s submission to EMERGENCY5, The Bracketed Space, is made up of 3 components; two sculptural pieces, made of cast jesmonite with mdf, perspex, steel and wood, and a framed image.

In his own words, Kit’s work ‘deals with the problems of how an idea or thought process can translate into an externalised form and the imperfect process of communication that enables it.’

‘Although recent work has become very much more sculptural, I see these structures essentially as extensions of the picture frame, viewing devices that attempt to articulate the process in which they were conceived, made and viewed. They describe this illogical logic; their forms derived from the need to hold the various components in their correct position.’

‘There is a sense of a self-conscious object looping around itself, shuffling the order of the roles of conception (artist), production (art object) and consumption (viewer).’




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